Meditative Paintings

This series depicts contemporary society and incorporates a meditative process such as that used by Dadaists in L’écriture automatique and Surrealists, which results in layered paintings with tactile surfaces in my work. My inspiration for this series are the artists Henry Michaux and Mark Tobey.

Calligraphy Paintings

These monochromatic experimental paintings with the use of ink/acrylic are a derivation of calligraphy. I learned Korean calligraphy from a Buddhist monk many years ago. I remember it being a long and disciplined process in which one writes in a meditative state with enormous physical strength and mental concentration.

In this series, I experiment by incorporating this process with expressive abstraction and free association. I recognize at times flashes of energy and poetic depictions.


In this series, I capture and reinterpret my experience of the brilliant colors of the masterpiece High Rennaissance Venetian paintings.

Figurative Abstraction Paintings

My early work was very representative and became more abstract over time. My current figurative abstraction paintings are inspired by German Expressionists and American Color Field artists.

Heritage Paintings

My search and exploration references old Korean folklores and imageries, while incorporating contemporary western visuals.

The Korean mythological figure “ Red Phoenix”  is similar to the Western concept of the phoenix, which rises from the ashes.  In Korea, the phoenix further symbolizes the feminine epitome, often used as the emblem of the queen or female leader. My interest in this subject comes from my heritage and my desire to portray women´s resilancy and strength, which allows them to constantly reinvent themselves and adapt to new environments.

Social Fabric

In this series, I use camouflage nets to symbolize increasing global militarization, terrorism, and the refugee crisis.

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